Warranty Policy

Distinguished: hello, thank you very much for you to have been a DOUBLE DE bo acoustics product support and trust! In order to safeguard consumer rights and interests, through our various careful consideration, we will implement a DOUBLE after-sales services, including but not limited to: spare fish and around, a lot of spelling, 1688, taobao, Tmall, jingdong and trill, quickly and other platforms. A DOUBLE after-sales service plan is as follows:

1, DOUBLE DE bo acoustics around unauthorized in idle fish, all products sales platform. In idle around fish, platform to buy our products, do not provide after-sales service.

2, DOUBLE DE bo acoustics product after-sale products, to provide consumers buy vouchers. Such as found in idle around fish, such as platform at a low price to buy, do not provide after-sales service.

3, all consumers to purchase please visit the official authorized online store and offline store.

4, all DOUBLE DE bo acoustic products after two years, support repair or change new service.